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Welcome to Bradford Pre-Primary School

Bradford Pre-Primary is the ultimate choice for parents seeking high quality but affordable education for children between the age of 2 and 6.

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About Bradford Pre-Primary

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum tailor-made to suit children’s developmental needs. We employ a unique teaching methodology and learning platform that creates a developmental experience round the clock. Our teaching approach also provides a structured and stable routine that gives children a sense of security. Feeling secure and happy in an environment gives the children the opportunity to learn to their full potential as they are comfortable enough to just be children and have fun. The school implements supervised social grooming aligned to parent’s expectations.

The school recruits and retains passionate suitably qualified teachers. Our in-door and out-door facilities provide a stimulating environment designed to nurture individual potential.

At Bradford Pre-Primary, our motto is “Quality Care and Education – No Compromise!”


Bradford aims to offer a rich, broad and balanced curricular that will promote the children’s intellectual, physical, and personal development. We aim to ensure that by the end of Pre-Primary education, the children’s overall attainment has exceeded national expectations in all of the areas of learning including inter alia language and literacy, mathematics, like skills, their knowledge and understanding of the world, and in their physical and creative development.

Children are provided with an imaginatively presented range of activities and resources, which take full account of the nationally recognized curricular. In addition to the rich curricular, Bradford also offers the Resource Centre that is fully equipped with computers, a wide range of reading material as well as library books.

We aim to teach children a variety of life skills including how to make use of their creativity, how to think etc. We do not put a lot of emphasis on aesthetic but rather the value of the skill they have acquired and the process of acquiring such skills.

Intramural Programs

Currently, the school’s curricular is inclusive of the following intramural programs:

Yoga Stars:

The Yoga Stars Program aims to provide an opportunity for children to explore movement in a fun and supportive environment. It makes use of breathing, movement, meditation etc. to promote adaptability, self-esteem, courage, a healthy body and a calm and confident mind. The Yoga Stars Program is carefully structured to align with the themes covered.

Smart Chefs:

The Smart Chefs Program aims to help develop a healthy eating habit, understanding of bad eating habits, hygiene while improving self-confidence and self-esteem. The program also provides a good foundation for developing an understanding of numeracy concepts such as measuring, planning, thinking and other tactical skills.

Music and Movement:

All children enjoy the use of musical instruments and singing.


Gymnastics provides a variety of large muscle activities to help with balance, muscle coordination, body control as well as general fitness.

Soccercise Stars:

Soccercise Starz provides an early training platform for various skills such as listening skills, balance, eye co-ordination, gross motor skills, muscle development, confidence and concentration amongst others.

Bradford Science/Brainworx Corner:

Knowledge and understanding of the world is aimed at helping children develop their knowledge and understanding of the environment through exploring, investigating, discovering, touching, looking, experimenting etc. The children are provided with opportunities to practise and extend their skills in different areas and a number of hands-on experiments are undertaken to give children the opportunity to investigate.

Extramural Activities

Extramural activities currently on offer include:

Swimming, Ballet, Drum Majorettes, Chess Club, Maths Club