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Bradford Pre-Primary School offers a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that promotes intellectual, physical, and personal development. We endeavour to ensure that by the end of Pre-Primary education, your child’s overall achievement exceeds national norms in all of the areas of learning including inter-alia language, literacy, mathematics, life-skills, expansion of their knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as their physical and creative development.

Children are provided with a creatively presented range of activities and resources, taking the nationally recognized curricular into account. In addition to our rich curriculum, Bradford also offers a fully equipped Resource Centre complete with computers, a wide range of reading material, as well as a library.

We teach children a variety of life-skills including how to make use of their creativity, how to think and other “soft” skills that encourage teamwork and positive socialisation skills. We focus on the value of the skills they have acquired and the process of acquiring those skills.